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So How Does it Work?

FlexWise was built to connect nurses like you directly with hospitals that need you to cover shifts. Through our easy-to-use online platform, you'll be able to join the float pool for Sinai in Baltimore while receiving the highest hourly pay available.

Why Join the Float Pool?

Joining the Sinai Float Pool Through FlexWise has Tremendous Benefits:

By working directly with the hospital, FlexWise is able to offer over 20% more money for each shift worked. 

Higher Hourly Pay

Avoid Nurse Burnout

We hated working directly for hospitals because we would grow tired of working the same floor repeatedly. By working in a float pool, you'll have access to a different position each time you work a shift. This also carries the benefit of broader experience, which means even higher pay over time.  

Benefits Eligibility From Shift 1

Benefits Include:

  • Daily Pay
  • Medical Plan
  • Standalone Comprehensive Dental/Vision 
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • 401 (K) Savings Plan
  • Affordable Disability, Accident, Critical Illness Protection & Term Life Insurance

The Ultimate Side Hustle for the Modern Day Nurse

Think you have what it takes to be a FlexWise Nurse? Positions are filling up fast. Don't be the last one on your floor to sign up. 

The Flexible Platform for today's nurses



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You're Now Eligible to Join The Float Pool

Once you're fully verified, you'll be able to schedule available shifts as a full member of the Sinai Float Pool. 

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"Float pool is never boring! Each day brings new challenges and experiences that you don't get if you're on the same unit every single shift."

Minimum 4 Shifts/mo Guaranteed

When working in the Sinai Float Pool through FlexWise, you're guaranteed a minimum of 4 shifts/month including one weekend. Since Flexwise pays up to 20% more/hour, that's alot of extra dough!


Attend a 1 day Paid Orientation

Commit to working a minimum of 4 shifts/month including 1 weekend

That's It!

"The best part of working float is not dealing with the endless politics and drama on my old floor. Every shift I work, it feels awesome to know that at the end of the day I'm done, and my next shift will likely be somewhere else"

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$25 Gas/Gift Card

Earn an extra $2/hour for your first 40 hours working through Flexwise!

Higher Pay

Work on YOUR Schedule

Avoid Hospital Drama

$25 Gas/Gift Card

Earn an extra $2/hour for your first 40 hours working through Flexwise!

You're Eligible For Benefits After Your FIRST SHIFT!